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About the Corporation:

Almwasa Corporation for Charity was established by a civil effort in response to the desire of the people of righteousness and charity in 2011 and then obtained a publicity under No. 1903 issued by the Ministry of Culture and Civil Society which contributed to the establishment by a group of permanent members (General Assembly) And then elect the members of the Board of Directors consisting from the President of the Council and his deputy and the Executive manager and the financial officer and its subcommittees according to the Basic Law .

Corporation bodies:

The General Assembly is the highest body in the corporation and consists of nine founders, in addition to the board of directors of the institution elected by the General Assembly with all its executive functions consisting of five branches and the subcommittees of the Council

Vision of the corporation:

We seek excellence and leadership in the field of charitable work locally and regionally, and to encourage the people of righteousness and charity in situations that are in need for the development of individuals and societies within an institutional framework without partisan or political dependence

Corporation Letter:

We contribute to alleviating the suffering of the poor and the needy in order to provide them with a decent human life through a thorough and transparent institutional approach

Objectives of the corporation:

  • Providing material and moral assistance to poor and needy families
  • Combating poverty and ignorance by establishing various developmental projects
  • Cooperation with charities and charities that represent the service of humanity locally and internationally

Corporation values:

  • work as one team
  • Sincerity and sacrifice
  • Trust and good attitude
  • Partnership and transparency
  • Loyalty and respect